Old ideas made New!

Imagine a car alternator. As the motor runs and the alternator belt turns, DC (direct current) is generated and keeps your cars' battery charged.


Advanced Simplicity

Imagine water flowing through a spas' plumbing and turning the turbine in the 7-GEN unit, creating and delivering the DC current to the electrode cell.


Inexpensive Longevity

Imagine an electrode cell that's comprised of simple PVC parts and electrodes made of SUPER CONDUCTIVE CERAMICS; Ceramics that will last a lifetime.


For 1000's of years man sought to harvest the power of water. From watermills and flowing creeks to the Niagara Falls Dam they indeed achieved the seemingly impossible. Still larger and larger and larger did this unique and clean approach to energy grow until we reproduced it; in the SIZE OF A DECK OF CARDS, for spas and tubs everywhere !