Spa/swim spa pre-filter

To use the PRE-FILTER is very easy. Just connect it to your garden hose and fill your spa or swim spa or kiddy pool or koi area, etc... Then remove from hose, drain it and store until next use.

Pool Heater Stains ?

Regular maintenance is not always enough to stop staining. Copper from the heat coil can erode/leach out into the pool causing stains. We get it out before it gets to the pool.

Pool Metal Filter Plus !

You'll be excited to learn that our metal removal filter not only removes copper, iron and etc... it also creates a powerful oxidizing agent called Hydroxyl in the process, aiding in water clarity.

It's safe to assume you'd rather use proven, inexpensive  filtration technology than expensive and sometimes dangerous/toxic chemicals in ensuring that the water you fill your spa or swim spa with, is free of undesirerable chemicals and and other water borne contaminants. Or that your pool's water is free of stain causing metals.

Carbon is the most utilized water purification filtration media in use today and for good reasons. It works, is safe, is economical and enviromentally smart. We use only food grade carbon and unique metal removal medias.